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Data Analytics

Analyze client data to identity underlying hidden patterns to increase competitive advantage, e.g., customer loyalty analyses, product cross-sell modeling, and sales forecasting.

Fraud prevention

Automated decision models to assist identity checking, credit/debit card transaction fraud, cards breached, check deposit fraud, claims fraud, internal fraud

Process automation

Process automation can expedite back-office tasks in finance, procurement, supply chain management, accounting, customer service and human resources, including data entry, purchase order issuing, creation of online access credentials, or business processes that require “swivel-chair” access to multiple existing systems.

Social media analytics

Statistical analysis to support marketing and customer service activities

Credit risk management

Statistical models for mortgages, car loans, bad debt, credit scoring, and risk charts to aid decision making

What Exactly
is Data Mining?

“The process of analyzing data from different perspectives and summarizing it into useful information — information that can be used to increase revenue, cut costs or both.”

The growing power and sophistication of computers and software has played a big role in the evolution of data mining in recent years. New software tools enable businesses to gather critical data from all areas of the company and then categorize, analyze and summarize it. Data mining also enables companies to find correlations and patterns among different fields of data in large databases and make connections between seemingly unconnected pieces of information that can lead to new business insights.

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